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Shearing, trimming, bathing or cutting claws?

The fur can be cut according to your wishes and depending on the fur structure of the dog with scissors, a trimming knife (only possible with rough hair) or the shearing machine

  • Carding - combing the undercoat
  • Washing and drying
  • Ear Care
  • Paw and Claw Care
  • Tick removal
  • Puppy and young dog acclimation





Woof (Wow)-effect also when it comes to the price









Complete fur care

Washing, blow drying, shortening the fur or combing the undercoat, ear, paw and paw care.

  • Miniature dog breeds (for example, Chihuahua, Mini-Yorkshire Terrier)    from 37,00 €
  • Small dog breeds (for example, dachshunds, bugs)                                         from 42,00 €
  • Medium dog breeds (for example, Tibetan Terrier, Cocker Spaniel)             from 52,00 €
  • Large dog breeds (for example Retriever, Briard)                                      from 72,00 €

 Accumulation of puppies

 Step by step accumulation of fur care (usually 2 short appointment)                           each 22,00 €


Paw care

  • Cutting the claws                                                                                                               8,00 €
  • Sheering, cutting the claws, shortening the fur of the paws                                   15,00 €

Bathing, combing and blow drying

  • Miniature, small and medium dog breeds                                                                  22,00 €
  • Large dog breeds                                                                                                             32,00 €

The prices can vary depending on the fur’s texture, the dog's condition and the willingness of the dog to cooperate.


Cat shearing without anaesthesia                                                                                                   37,00 €

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