What can I do for your dog?


Shearing, trimming, bathing or cutting claws?


The fur can be cut according to your wishes and depending on the fur structure of the dog with scissors, a trimming knife (only possible with rough hair) or the shearing machine.

Carding - combing the undercoat

Washing and drying

Ear Care

Paw and Claw Care

 • Tick removal

 • Puppy and young dog acclimation



Woof (Wow)-effect also when it comes to the price


Complete fur care


Washing, blow drying, shortening the fur or combing the undercoat, ear, paw and paw care.


- Miniature dog breeds (for example, Chihuahua, Mini-Yorkshire Terrier)

from 28,50 €

- Small dog breeds (for example, dachshunds, bugs)

  from 33,00 €

- Medium dog breeds (for example, Tibetan Terrier, Cocker Spaniel) from 42,50 €


          - Large dog breeds (for example Retriever, Briard)

from 63,50 €


Accumulation of puppies


Step by step accumulation of fur care (usually 2 short appointment) each 15,00€


Paw care


Cutting the claws                                                                                                    5,00€


Sheering, cutting the claws, shortening the fur of the paws                        12,50€


Bathing, combing and blow drying


- Miniature, small and medium dog breeds                                                   16,50€


- Large dog breeds                                                                                                26,50€


The prices can vary depending on the fur’s texture, the dog's condition and the willingness of the dog to cooperate.



Travel package for dog collection and delivery service


Up to   5km                                                                                                               5,00€


Up to 10km                                                                                                             10,00€


Further distances on request


Cat shearing without anaesthesia                                                                     28,50€



How you can contact me?



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